M37T & M40T Plate and Tray Forming Machine




M37T & M40T features

M37T & M40T Features

  • Quick tooling changeovers for maximum production flexibility.
  • Operator ergonomics considered i.e. lightweight steel rule cut or cut/score dies, external forming die removal rack, easy access decurl unit, vertical lift roll stand, et cetera.
  • Vertical lift roll stand incorporating pull roller/dancer arm assembly integral to the machine line.
  • Utilizes steel rule cutting or cutting/scoring to reduce initial die cost and maintenance expenses. Prescored and non-scored product capability.
  • Adjustable forming section dwell and stroke allows machine settings to be tailored to each specific product resulting in optimum quality and production speeds.
  • P.C. controls support operator interface, temperature, feed and cut-score/forming motion control.
  • Innovative servo motor - roller screw drive units provide quiet, dependable power for continuous 24 hour operation.
  • Maximum roll width 35.5" (902 mm) or 38" (965 mm)
    Minimum roll width 20" (508 mm)
    Maximum roll diameter 72" (1.83 M)
  • Forming depth up to 3" (76.2 mm)
  • Maximum blank length 18" (457.2 mm), dependent on your product geometry.
  • Number wide operation is dependent upon blank size and product geometry.
  • Complete machinery guarding for operator safety.
M37T & M40T Images

M37T & M40T Images

M37T & M40T Specs

M37T & M40T Specifications (PDF)

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M37T-M40T Flyer

M37T & M40T Manuals

M37T & M40T Manuals

Operator manual part 1

Operator manual part 2