Afterpress Machinery


Afterpress Machinery features

Afterpress Machinery Features

  • Three models are available to meet varying production needs.
  • Machine die capacity is based upon a standard twelve cell egg carton. Two, four, or six dies.
  • Maximum afterpressing depth capability of 2.75" or 69.8 mm.
  • Conveyor timing systems control product feed into afterpress machine.
  • Constant speed gear motor drive system to match customer specifications.
  • Individual die heat controllers monitor afterpress die temperatures.
  • Machine timing is controlled via programmable logic control modules.
  • Stackers are available for afterpessed products.
  • Product spray station is available for afterpressed products.
  • Complete machinery guarding for operator safety.
Afterpress Machinery Images

Afterpress Machinery Images

Afterpress Machinery Specs (PDF)

Afterpress Machinery Specifications (PDF)

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